History Statement of Intent

At Little Leigh Primary School, our intent for history is that every child will gain a coherent understanding of the history of Britain, the world and our locality. Our well-designed curriculum is carefully sequenced in a chronological order, which allows the children to build their knowledge of key historical concepts throughout their Primary Education. The teaching of history is knowledge and vocabulary rich, enabling every child to have the tools to answer an overarching enquiry question about each history theme. Local history is woven within our curriculum, providing the children with a sense of understanding about their local heritage.

Through high-quality teaching, children are equipped with the skills to:

- make enquiries
- think critically
- study sources
- compare evidence
- discuss different historical viewpoints
- create their own sense of perspective
- show acceptance and respect towards others views
- We enrich learning through the provision of authentic experiences such as the handling of artefacts, educational visits, visits from experts and a wealth of historical sources.

Our Implementation

At Little Leigh Primary School, we have created a knowledge-based History curriculum and use teaching strategies that allow learning to be memorable and coherent; enabling every child to achieve a secure understanding of each historical concept taught.

Our History curriculum is sequenced in chronological order. Woven within our curriculum are our ‘Golden Threads’. These are specifically chosen historical concepts which the children revisit throughout KS1 and KS2. As the children revisit each historical concept, they build on previously taught learning, developing their understanding and knowledge of each golden thread, whilst observing how they change throughout time.  

When planning each topic, key historical disciplinary knowledge and enquiry skills are selected to be taught. The disciplinary progression throughout KS1 and KS2 covers Historical Chronology, Historical Concepts, Historical Interpretation, Historical enquiry and Historical communication.  These skills are set out in the Purpose of Study and Aims of the National Curriculum.

Each unit of work is structured around an overarching enquiry question. Each enquiry question is broken down into specific, smaller questions, which create clear, progressive steps throughout the historical unit. This carefully sequenced learning allows the children to answer the question by the end of the topic.

Retrieval practice is at the heart of each lesson and provides the opportunity for children to recall previously taught knowledge.  For example, each lesson may begin with a quiz which will practise the recall of key facts from prior learning. Through enabling knowledge to stick, this allows children to build a secure understanding of their topic, empowering them to use their skills to think creatively.

History is taught alongside texts connected to the topic, enabling the children to link a narrative to their learning. Specifically chosen texts are used within history lessons to acquire knowledge, whilst providing opportunities for the children to develop their reading skills.

Using their knowledge, vocabulary and historical skills, the children will work to produce creative outcomes in their discovery books. Their high quality work will reflect the learning planned throughout each historical topic.  

Trips and Visits

Throughout their school careers, children are provided with a wealth of enrichment opportunities which endeavour to consolidate and deepen their existing historical knowledge from the classroom. These opportunities inspire and ignite the childrens' natural curiosity for this wonderful subject and their understanding of Local, National and Worldwide historical studies from Ancient civilisations to beyond 1066.  

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