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Welcome to Reception!

A huge welcome to our Reception class page! This page will give you some advice and top tips about our school year. It contains information such as PE and forest school days, along with some of the themes we will be learning about throughout the term.
This year in Reception, the children will have two class teachers - Miss Lloyd will be the class teacher on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Miss Hackney will be class teacher on Thursdays and Fridays. There will also be two additional members of staff within the classroom - one full time teaching assistant (Miss Williams) and one part time teaching assistant (Mrs Stock/ Mrs Thompson).
Please continue to use our online learning journey - Tapestry. We love uploading observations to keep you in the picture and really appreciate when you comment on them too! 


But our updates don't stop there! Also join us on Twitter (X) and Facebook, so you can see regular pictures and videos of what we've been getting up to in school.



PE - Please provide your child with a labelled P.E kit for them to bring into school. Their P.E kit will be kept in school and returned home at the end of each half term. Reception PE session is on a Friday morning.

Forest SCHOOL - Every Thursday, the children will have a Forest School session led by a Forest School Leader.  Please can your children come into school in appropriate clothing for Forest school. If possible, please can you provide a pair of wellies to be kept in school.  Therefore, the children can come in trainers/school shoes on Forest School days and change into their wellies that are kept at school.   

If you have any concerns, questions or queries please feel free to contact either fo us via email - or

Miss Lloyd and Miss Hackney

Our Learning 

Welcome to Summer! 
The main text we will be exploring this half term is 'The Woolly Bear Caterpillar.' We will be looking at the features of fiction and non fiction texts along with learning about life cycles. 
We are going to continue to study seasonal changes and explore dressing for different seasons.
We will continue to have daily Phonics, English and Numeracy sessions in which we learn to read, write, count and develop maths skills, which we can then apply during our play. 

PSHE Title(1).JPG


In English we will use and understand some recently introduced vocabulary during discussions about stories, non-fiction, rhymes and poems and during role play…fiction, non-fiction 

Retell story in small world / role play (in correct sequence) …beginning, middle, end

Take on role of character using some story language

Talk about likes and dislikes of texts, rhymes and poems

Anticipate, where appropriate, some key events in stories

Continue to consolidate concepts about print: Directionality of print, focusing on – (i) top to bottom (ii) return sweep and correct orientation of letters and words  

Identify and name different parts of a book, including non-fiction – contents page, label, illustration, caption

Know that a sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop

Consolidate phase 1 and 2 phonics: □ Rhythm and Rhyme □ Alliteration □ Oral Blending and Segmenting

Read labels, captions and some simple sentences using current phonic knowledge

Re-read books to build up their confidence in word reading, their fluency and their understanding and enjoyment

Spell using CVC (e.g cat,dog,hat) words, including with taught digraphs (e.g fish) and know some harder to read and spell words (words we can't sound out e.g I, no, go, to, the)

Begin to write a caption / sentence. Attempt to: include spaces between each word and begin to use a capital letter and full stop

Orally rehearse caption / sentence before writing it

Re-read what they have written to make sure it makes sense


At Little Leigh Primary School, we follow the Oxford Owl Essential Letters and Sounds phonics, which teaches children to learn the sounds different letters or combination of letters make. We will recap all the sounds we have learnt in Autumn and Spring.

                      Phase 2 Sounds.png          phonics(1).JPG                               




We will be exploring, investigating and discovering lots of exciting maths in our environment. We will be matching, sorting, comparing and making patterns in our maths lessons and in our provision. We will be representing, comparing, counting and making numbers to 10 and beyond. We will be exploring 3D shapes, patterns and spatial awareness. Additionally we will;

Recite numbers to 20: Backward from 10 and begin to recite backwards from 15.

Break counting chain (not always starting from 1 forwards or 10 backwards)

Count objects, actions and sounds: □ Up to 10, in context of □ daily routine □ sharing □ turn taking

Count objects in an irregular arrangement

Begin to estimate number of objects - check by counting

Subitise 5 objects (quick recall without counting)

Link numeral to cardinal set (value to 10)

Compare quantities up to 10 - Understand ‘one more/less than’ to 10 □ Use sentence … six is one more than five

Begin to explore the composition of numbers to 10

Recall number bonds to 5: Find the total number of items (up to 10) in two groups by counting all of them together, using a range of manipulatives … altogether, more/now Find the total number of items (up to 10) in a group by take away/subtraction, using a range of manipulatives … left

Begin to compose and decompose shapes within practical activities

Continue, copy and create repeating patterns

Begin to order and sequence familiar events

Use a range of position language –behind, under

The children will have the opportunity to learn, develop and explore all of these maths skills in all areas of our classroom provision. They will have lots of fun! 


Children are encouraged to read at least 3 times a week, for around 10 minutes with an adult at home. Where possible, we would appreciate a comment in their reading diaries to let us know how your child is getting on. We will change your book once a week. 

Your child will also participate in a weekly individual reading session, these will be noted in their reading diaries. We recommend that you read through them a few times so that they have a good understanding of the words and the comprehension aspects of the book. This also allows them to gain confidence as their reading will become quicker. 

To help with comprehension, you may want to start with a discussion about what your child thinks the book will be about. You could also talk about the characters and explore the blurb. When you have finished, ask questions about the book. This will help you assess whether your child has fully understood what they have read.

If you feel that you require any further support with getting the most out of reading with your child, please don’t hesitate to come and speak to me.


Things to do at Home

Things that you can do at home to help your child are:

  • Please encourage your child to dress themselves for school and take their uniform off at the end of the day to promote independence. Focusing carefully on zips and buttons. 
  • Read 3 x weekly and update your child's reading record with a comment. Books will be changed once a week. Please return you reading pack on a Monday.  
  • Question your children on the pictures in the books you are reading
  • Reinforce the sounds learnt in phonics sessions.
  • Encourage basic addition and subtraction at home when eating grapes or playing with Lego pieces. Ask children: how many are there altogether, in two groups, how many are left when some are eaten.   
  • Encorage children to ask questions 

Recommended websites: - very useful for pronunciation of sounds - lots of free phonic based games more phonics games - great selection  of games to support all areas of learning


Please can you make sure that all of your child's belongings are clearly labelled with their names, including items such as snack pots and drinks bottles. 

Forest School

Forest learning will take place every week on a Thursday. We ask that children come into school in the forest school attire. We will change their shoes in school as we ask wellies to remain in school.



Your child participates in a weekly PE session. PE kits should be clearly labelled with their names. Long hair should be tied back for PE and no jewellery (including earrings) is to be worn. This will initially take place on a Friday morning. 

 The Growth Mindset

Finally, the growth mindset plays a huge part in our learning. This mindset allows us to change our language to change the outcome. Hopefully it won't be long before your children begin to use the langauge 'I can't do it YET' and 'mistakes make my brain grow!' Here's a little video to explain it a little more (your children will become very familiar with Mojo!)

Thanks for taking the time to read our page! 

Miss Lloyd, Miss Hackney and the team.





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