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A very warm welcome to the Year 6 class page!

We have lots of exciting learning ahead of us this year! Year six is not only the last year for our children to enjoy their time here at Little Leigh, but also very important in preparing them for their journey onwards and upwards to high school. The year 6 children hold many different roles of responsibility and leadership, as the oldest children in the school. Our aim is that they leave us as responsible citizens, confident individuals and successful learners. I am sure they are going to do a wonderful job in being excellent role models for our younger children.

In addition to myself, we will be joined every morning by Mr Richards. Mrs Tomlinson will be taking the class on a Thursday. Our PE sessions are on a Tuesday and Thursday so don't forget to come to school in your pe kit on that day! 

If you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact me. Please keep checking Twitter and Facebook to follow our learning!

Miss Norris


Summer Term

As Writers...



This term we will be using 'King Kong' by Anthony Browne to inspire our writing. King Kong is a giant gorilla, a huge and terrifying survivor from another age on an island trapped in a time warp. But this creature is no match for an ambitious film maker who sees Kong as a megastar showstopper and sets out to capture him. This story will lead to range of writing outcomes including a setting description, a dilemma narrative and an information text.

As Readers...


In our shared reading lessons we will be exploring a range of texts linked to the theme of 'coasts' to support our geography work. Through our reading sessions we will develop our word reading and comprehension skills. All of these texts are rich with vocabulary and will help us develop strategies to be proficient and confident readers.

As Geographers...



In our Geography lessons we will be building on our learning from Year 4 and Year 5 on North and South America; we will be using our knowledge to help make comparisons between the two continents. Our key enquiry question will be: ‘How does North America compare to South America?' In our lessons we will learn about the location of some key cities in North and South America, before moving on to describing the physical characteristics of some of the major environmental regions. We will finish the unit with a focus study on the sustainablity of New York in North America compared to Curitaba in South America.

As Artists...


In our art lessons this half term, we will be focusing on colour. The children will be given the opportunity to engage with colour in an intuitive and physical way, guiding their own exploration and making choices about how they want to use colour in their artwork. They will be given a greater degree of creative independence and will be encouraged to respond to the following questions: How can we create colourful experiences? How do they make us feel? How might we connect to others through colour?  


As Scientists...



Our focus for this half term is 'Light'. The key aims for this unit are:

  • to recognise that light appears to travel in straight lines
  • use the idea that light travels in straight lines to explain that objects are seen because they give out or reflect light into the eye
  • explain that we see things because light travels from light sources to our eyes or from light sources to objects and then to our eyes
  • use the idea that light travels in straight lines to explain why shadows have the same shape as the objects that cast them.
  • work scientifically by carrying out a range of scientific investigations. 

As Mathematicians....



This half term the mathematical concepts Year 6 will be covering, will be:

  • Statistics
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Algebra
  • Post SATs themed projects for consolidation and problem solving

Click on the links below to practise at home:

BBC Bitesize -

I See Maths -

Maths Playground -

Topmarks -

NRICH - Maths at home -


Whole Class Reading

Each week the children take part both whole class and guided reading sessions with the class teacher. We will work together in this session to read extracts of text and develop our deduction and inference skills through specific and targeted questions. As well as this, it is important that you are regularly reading with your child and we advise that you read 10-15 minutes per day with them. Whilst listening to your child, try to ask them questions about events that have happened so far, characters thoughts and motives and to make accurate predictions based on the text. 

P.E. Lessons

This half term, our P.E. sessions will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure that your child comes to school in their PE kit on those days.

During the winter months, it is advisable that children bring with them warmer clothes for their outdoor sessions.

Please ensure that all P.E. clothing is labelled clearly to avoid any confusion!


Homework will be set every Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday. Each week the children will have a piece of Maths and English homework to complete to consolidate learning and to prepare them for the SATs tests in May. Please ensure homework is completed on time and returned to school in time for marking.

If you have any issues regarding the homework set then please don't hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to resolve the issue.

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